JMS Medical Supply LLC        
  1190 Miraloma Way - Suite X Telephone: ( 408 ) 481 3829
  Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Fax: ( 408 ) 481 0847
Company Profile

JMS is a medical supply company focused on providing quality incontinence products and founded in customer satisfaction.

We at JMS recognize that making that extra trip, to buy that special product for your loved one or family member, is just one more thing you have to add to your already busy schedule.
Let JMS provide this special service for you with:
    A.   Home or retirement facility delivery.
    B.   Free monthly follow up call to check to see if additional supplies are needed.
    C.   Direct billing to responsible person.
Our major products are:
    ♦   Briefs - All sizes
    ♦   Protective Underwear / Belted Undergarments
    ♦   Tuckables / Underpads
    ♦   Bladder Control Pads
    ♦   Washcloths
    ♦   Creams / Washes, Shampoos and Ointments
    ♦   Latex / Nitrile / Vinyl Gloves
    ♦   Nutritional Drink Supplements
    ♦   Medicine Cups
    ♦   Stethoscopes
    ♦   Wheelchairs / Canes / Rollators / Walkers
    ♦   Bathroom & Bed Accessories
    ♦   Wound Care
    ♦   Miscellaneous
Please, give us a call or email us at Let JMS Medical Supply LLC provide you with special door-to-door service to your loved one.

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